Summer (1st of May - 31st of October) - Admission to the castle is included in the ticket price
Individual Tickets                                                Groups (10 people or more)
Adults                3,50 Euros                                 Adults                   3,00 Euros
Concessions*    2,50 Euros                                Concessions*       2,00 Euros
Children             1,50 Euros                                Children               1,50 Euros
Family Tickets    10,00 Euros


Winter (1st of November - 30th of April) - Museum Only
Individual Tickets                                                   Groups (10 people or more)
Adults                   2,50 Euros                                 Adults                     2,00 Euros
Concessions*       2,00 Euros                                Concessions*         1,50 Euros
Children                1,00 Euros                                Children                  0,50 Euros
Family Tickets        7,00 Euros

* Concessions: Apprentices, Students, Disabled and Holders of a Guest Card of Frauenstein 

Guided Tours  (By appointment only) 

Groups of up to 20 people                                   35,00 Euros
Groups of up to 50 people                                   50,00 Euros
Children's Tours (up to 20)                                   25,00 Euros 

Organ Recitals (By appointment only)

Groups of up to 10 people                                    45,00 Euros
Groups of more than 10 people                           4,50 Euros per Person 

Organists can try their hand on the museum's Silbermann-replica for a fee of 20,00 Euros 

Foto - Licence

Private                                          1,50 Euros
Business                                       20,00 Euros