The Museum's Organ

Since 1994 the replica of a Silbermann-Organ is the museum's most valuable treasure. It was built by the Dresden-based organ-building workshop Kristian Wegscheider for the Museum Gottfried Silbermann when the original was being restored, and reflects the muscial preference of Silbermann's era in timbre, intonation, pitch and richness of tone.
The original instrument was built by Gottfried Silbermann in 1732/33 for the village church in Etzdorf. After a turbulent few decades it reached - via Wallroda and Dresden-  Bremen cathedral, where it is now located in the crypt.
Information regarding the museum's concert series can be found here.

Rohrflöthe      8'
Principal         4'
Rohrflöthe      4'
Nasat             3'
Octave           2'
Sesquialtera 1f.
Quinta           1 1/2'
Sufflet           1'

side stop: Tremulant
manual: C, D-c'''
tuning: 464 Hz bei 15°C
Tuning mode: annähernd gleichstufig