Barriers at the Gottfried-Silbermann-Museum and at Frauenstein Castle

Barriers exist everywhere and in many forms. They are there for Young and Old, for people with or without handicap. Whether they are of a linguistic, spatial or physical nature - hurdles are there to be overcome in many places.
The Museum Gottfried Silbermann has made it its task to reduce existing barriers as much as possible. We work actively to find solutions to such restrictions and would like to use this space to inform you of our progress. 
We hope that this will enable you to judge the museums accessibility for yourself.
Should you have questions, ideas or criticism around the subject of freedom from barriers at our museum, please don't hesitate to speak to us - we look forward to your message. Our current contact details can be found under

Wheelchair Access at the Museum

To make wheelchair access to the museum possible ramps were installed in 2014 with financial support from the Federal Government of Saxony through its program "Favourite Places for Everyone". Our wheelchair-solution had to be in keeping with the house's status as a listed building and still be easy to use.

Wheelchair Access at Frauenstein Castle

Through the Programm "Favourite Places for Everyone" barriers at the Castle were reduced. It is now possible for wheelchair users to access the castle's lower courtyard