On the periphery of the Ore-Mountain range, not far from the Czech border, stands Schloss Frauenstein, whose vaulted halls are home to the Gottfried-Silbermann-Museum since 1983. The museum documents the life and work of Gottfried Silbermann, this most important of Saxon organ builders, whose instruments can still be heard today in various churches in central Germany. The museum curates and displays documents, records, facsimiles and letters as well as pictures, engravings and drawings focusing on the life and work of Silbermann.

On display is also a functioning model of a mechanic pipe organ, which makes the complicated inner workings of the instrument visible. The museum boasts a near-identical replica of a Silbermann-organ (Wegscheider 1994 - Original Silbermann for Etzdorf 1732/ 33), which is used for concerts throughout the year.

In 2011 the museum expanded its collection by adding an exhibition dealing with the Alsatian line of the Silbermann family. On display are objects detailing the history and musical heritage of this organ building dynasty, as well as giving a comprehensive overview of the organs created by the craftsmanship of Andreas Silbermann and his son Johann Andreas Silbermann.