The Castle Grounds

Frauenstein Castle rises as a visible landmark from a great distance. It was erected around 1200 AD, was inhabited until 1588 and even had to endure a siege in 1438. The building still bears marks of this siege in the form of cannon balls immured in one of the Towers.

Heinrich of Schönberg was the last ruler of the Castle. In 1585 he had the neighbouring chateau built within only 3 years for the sake of more comfort and moved there with his family. In the following years the Castle fell into disrepair, a fire destroyed the roofs and the Castle became a ruin.

Today it is classed the biggest and most beautiful Castle ruin in Saxony and offers a romantic flair as well as stunning views. Since 2010 it is even possible to get married here.

Due to weather conditions the Castle ist only open to the public from May 1st through to October 31st. Tickets are valid for both the Castle and the Museum.