Our guided tours focus on the life and work of Gottfried Silbermann. His career plays as much a part in this as the functionality of his organs. A central part of our tours is the functional model of an organ, which - newly refurbished - offers a fascinating insight into the concept and functional principles of an organ.
Guided tours are offered in German and English.

Castle Tours

Frauenstein Castle is one of the most beautiful and best-kept castle sites in Saxony. If you can't get enough of its medieval flair and its stunning views and want to find out more about this architectural monument, then a guided tour will give you further insights and interesting details.
Our knowledgeable guides are all volunteers and members of the Förderverein Burgruine Frauenstein (Association for the Upkeep and Advancement of Frauenstein Castle). They happily pass on their knowledge about the site's architectural history and medieval life and hope to relay their own appreciation for this unique building.